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What is a Cookie?
By a cookie, you could access sumone's account even if he/she changes his/her passwd.

How does a cookie Stealer Works?
►There's a javascript by which sumone steals the cookies and the cookies are gone to his/her email-id.
►Sometimes Hackerz make a page on which there's a link which work on the above mentoined javascript.
► there could be another ways also  which  i"ll  explain later.

Enter Your Email ID :       

This will generate a javascript which you can send to your victims and ask them to run in there browser by pasting it in the URL box.(after they are logged in orkut)

How To Use a Cookie?
♦ I am givin an example of an orkut cookie (using Firefox)
♦Now, in Firefox, go to tools>>cookie editor
  there, type
♦now there would be somthing like orkut_state, double click it.
♦Now, open the cookie you got,there would be somthing like
♦Start coping from there till the end.
♦Now paste that part in the window of orkut_state
  replace that text part with the cookies you got.

Enjoy hacking!!

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