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Cheat and Hack Flash based Games

Most of the computer games that can be installed on computer has backdoor cheats where you simply type the code and you get unlimited money, health and so on. But flash game seldom has built-in cheats. I've introduced 2 flash based games which is Tower Defense** and Sword and Sandals**. Honestly I find both games impossible to win after a few rounds. Tried looking for cheat codes but it's not available. The only way to cheat in flash based games is to hack the memory.

This method I am going to teach you can work for ALL flash based games. As long as it is developed by flash, you can use the same method with the same logic to cheat your way through.

To cheat in flash games, you'll need:
1. Cheat Engine**
2. Calculator (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Calculator)
3. A little luck and brains

Here's the simple explanation on how you're going to hack flash games with CheatEngine. You are going to use CheatEngine to load the browser that is running the flash game, search for the value in the memory, modify or freeze the value. If you change the value to a higher number, you'll get a higher value. If you freeze it, that means you won't run out of that value.
For example, you want to increase your health from 200 to a higher number. Just multiple 200 with 8 which equals to 1600. At CheatEngine, enter 1600 at the value and click on First Scan button. You should have more than 1 result. So you must test one by one until you find the correct address to modify. Make sure you change back to the original value on the address that's not right one to avoid the game being corrupted.

In short, any value in the game MUST be multiplied by 8 before searching using CheatEngine.

Here's a demonstration of how I hack my way through in Tower Defense.
Run CheatEngine and load the process that you used to load the flash game. I use Internet Explorer, so the process would be iexplore.exe. When you start playing Tower Defense, you'll get only 40 gold. I have to multiply 40 with 8 and I get 320. Enter 320 in the CheatEngine value and click on First Scan button. I got 105 result which is too much to guess which is the address I should modify to get more gold.

So I should spend a little gold and try searching again until I get less result.

Now I have 73 gold.

I multiply 73 with 8 and got 584. I searched again in CheatEngine with the value 584 and this time I got only 27 result. What I do next is right click on the results and click on "Select all items". When all results are highlighted, I click on the small arrow and all 27 results would be copied to the address list. Next, click once on the address list and press CTRL+A simultaneously. You'll again see all 27 results highlighted. Right click and go to Change record -> Value. Enter the new value 4672. I got 4672 by multiplying 584 with 8. This new value which I am going to enter will be the new amount of Gold I want. Once done, simply spend a little money on the game and you'll notice that the Gold is updated with the new amount!(which is 539 for me)

Until now, we still don't know which actual address to hack to get more gold. We use the same step above but this time with the current gold. I now have 539 gold. Multiply 539 with 8 equals 4312. I search for 4312 in CheatEngine and this time I ONLY got 2 result! So the actual address to hack the gold is either one! I try the first one by adding it to the address list, and change the value from 4312 to 34496. Why 34496? It's because I multiplied 4312 with 8. Remember, always multiply your values with 8. I spend a little money on building tower, but the gold did not increase. Now I automatically know that it's the second address that's determine the amount of gold I have. Simply update the second address's value with a higher number and you'll get lots of gold to build towers!

Here's another demonstration on how I cheat my way through on Swords and Sandals 2**.
Run CheatEngine, load Internet Explorer that runs the flash Swords and Sandals 2 game.
First, to hack the amount of gold. We have 2500 of gold for starting. Take 2500 times 8 equals 20000. Enter 20000 in CheatEngine and click on First Scan. I found only 4 results.

Add all 4 results to the address list and change all 4 values from 20000 to 160000. I got 160000 by multiplying 8 with 20000. Went back to the game and immediately my gold has been updated to 20000 gold pieces!

To identify which address out of the 4 is the one that's affecting the gold, simply spend a little gold and you'll notice a change in your CheatEngine. I spent 250 gold and immediately I saw one of the address in CheatEngine updated the value from 160000 to 158000.

Note: For any value you hacked, you can freeze it by checking the Frozen button. Meaning if you spent your gold, it won't deduct your gold. But you have to be sure that the value is the exact one otherwise you might corrupt the game and you have to start all over again. You can also have GOD mode by freezing your health.

Have fun hacking and cheating flash based games!


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